... to the leather workshop of The War Horse. Currently our full site is only available in german, but if you're interested in our work, we want to provide you with some useful information.

About The War Horse: who we are and what we do
What we offer
Ordering process

About The War Horse
We are leather workers and artists from Germany. Interested in the middle age scene and horse owners by ourselves, we've always been dissapointed that it's nearly impossible to get really unique bridles and other equipment for horses, so we finally decided to create our own.
Today our primary work consists mainly of horse stuff, but we also create other fine leather goods completely according to the customers wishes.

If you acquire a The War Horse - leatherwork, you will get...
... an individual design exclusively created for you
... a custom-made leather good according to your wishes
... a piece of detailed, fully hand-made leather art
... in short: a The War Horse - unicum!

What we offer
Horse armour like chamfrons, crinets (neck armour) and more
Different bridles: bithanger, western, english, spanish, middle age, sidepull or an other bitless bridle (the german site will show you some pictures of these basic models)
Reins (splitted or closed)
Breast collars
Other horse equipment like single browbands, cordeos, slobber bars, ....
Leather wristbands
Leather covers/ bags for books, e-readers, tablets,... (no covers for smaller things like an e-reader, e.g. mobile phones)

We've also created other things, but we won't do everything. If you're interested in something that's not listed here, just contact us:

Leather offers many possibilities for unique creations, and you can choose what we should do with it.

- colouring: the basic colours are shown in the table below. Leather carvings and embossings can be coloured in every other colour - we also have colours with a metallic gloss.

yellow orange red burgundy oxblood dark red violet
 royal blue blue turquoise kelly green aqua green    
saddle tan light tan tan   british tan      
buckskin walnut dark brown chocolate mahagony black  

- antique effect
- leather embossing
- metal plates
- conchos
- gemstones
- braiding
- stitching

Ordering process
- Send us an e-mail (bote(at)the-warhorse.com) and tell us what you're interested in, so we can send you our wishlist.
- You fill in the necessary information and send the wishlist back. After some days we will contact you to talk about your wishes.
- We create a unique design for your leatherwork according to your wishes. We'll alter it until you're satisfied with it.
- We send you an order confirmation with all the agreements we've made
- You send us your 'ok' and a little down payment
- We start with your project and inform you about the progress
- You get a picture of the finished work and send us the remaining payment
- We dispatch your leather work (always insured).

All end prices depend on the wishes of the single customer. Therefore we have base prices, the costs for the individual conchos, carvings, embossings,... are added.
The base price can double (bridles) or triple (armor parts) depending on the amount of decoration.

Base prices - for the horse (all prices include the sales tax)
Bridles - basic model... starting at... starting at...
bithanger 105€ western 230€
spanish 270€ middle age 250€
english 295€ baroque 295€
different bitless bridles 260€ sidepull 295€
Barding starting at... starting at...
chamfron, small 395€ chamfron, large 420€
crinet (neckarmour) 450€    
middle age breast plate 330€ rump piece 380€
Miscellaneous starting at... starting at...
single browband 95€ halter 295€
cordeo (with straight straps) 155€ cordeo (with shaped straps) 238€
reins, closed 105€ split reins 130€
rein additions (one pair) 80€ breast plate 265€
- for the two-leg
starting at...

starting at...
kindle cover 95€ tablet bag 150€